We Make Many innovative things with kids

Prepare your kids in Digital era by Creative Art & Digital Multimedia! Sign up for Creative Digital Summer Camp this upcoming event! Digital Illustration, Creative Animation, Video Production & Graphic Design all in!

Date: 27-28 July 2019 (2 days)
Time: 10AM – 4PM
Location: Level 8, Main IT Building, Tech Mahindra, 63000 Cyberjaya
Fee: RM320 per pax (For 2 days)
(Include certificate, Meal & Material)
Age group: 7-12 years old

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Kids will learn all multimedia element along the workshop! Its all fun stuff and beneficial for their exposure in creative tech in this era. All software use in the workshop will be installed in your laptop. Please bring at least specify below requirement & remove all password/keep it with your kids for us to install the software:  

WINDOWS (Recommended, class will be displayed using Windows OS
Microsoft Windows 7 or above (32bit or 64bit)
Dual-Core CPU at 3Ghz or more
4 GB RAM or more 

OS X 10.8 or above (64bit)
Intel Core i-series processor
4GB RAM or more


– Basic usage software
– Frame-by-frame animation

– Basic usage software
– shapes to character


– Basic usage software
– green screen technology

– Basic usage software
– Poster design

Programme Benefits:-

1. Exposed your kids in all creative multimedia element in one single programme.
2. Exposed to digital world in early age.
3. Design thinking skills & Presentation skills
4. Build your kids confident in exploring their imaginations & creativity!
5. A very good kick-start in Creative Multimedia & Digital Arts

  • My kids didnt know how to deal with computer, can they join this programme?
    Answer: Sure, our programme consist of young & enthusiast trainers that guide your kids at the back throughout the programme.
  • I couldn’t provide my kids with laptop. Can he still joined?
    Answer: We do have back-up laptop, but you need to inform at at 018-9158819 and request laptop unit from us.
  • My kids is not in the age of 7-12 can he still joined? 
    Answer: We sometimes allow any age not over than 17 years old. But kindly let us know. Our smallest kids who joned us is 5 years old, but really good in computer competency. Its really based on kids. Also we once have age 16 joined or workshop, as long as your kids is comfortable in the class of smaller kids. Our courses is suitable for all but we do have focus group which is 7-12. 
  •  My kid is kids Special Need, can he still joined?
    We advised special need with supervision of parents to joined the workshop.