How to join our trial class?

Choose one course that you interested to sign up (Graphic Design, Digital Art etc)

There is a fee for each trial class to secure the class, however the trial fee will be waive if you agree to take on the class package

Choose for virtual class or physical class

We will send you confirmation email and link to download to use in the class

What can you expect from trial?


We been asked so much of how our classes works and it is so convenient!

Open to 7-15 years ol

Our target group is about 7 -15 years old kids, who have basic computing and able to handle the computer well without prior help. You also can sign up for our free trial class.

Digital certification

After the course is completed, your kids will get our digital certificate which states that they have the basic content builder.

Hours & Session

The course are 1.5 hours per session and 12 sessions per course.

Project based learning

Our courses are completed with step by step to guide your kids and this steps will be implemented in your kids own artwork individual project.

smaller group

We have group of trainers that deliver the courses to your kids, on one to one basis or smaller group of three. We prefer to give our 100% attention to your kids.


We can arrange schedule according to your kids timing as agreed to both parties. Weekend and weekdays available.