We provide a platform for kids to unleash their potential in digital art and creative multimedia. New intensive courses intakes are available! Sign up your kids with our courses such as Graphic Design, Digital Illustration, Creative Animation and Video Production!

"My kids love to Make Creative Things".

Expose your kids to our creative platform for them to express themselves.

Course we Offer

We provide digital creative courses suitable for kids ages 7-12 and towards project-like courses.

Why CHoose our programme?

Check out why our courses are worth it!

Special For Kids

Our courses are specially made for kids and based on kids ability.

Project Basis

All our modules are equipped with project based activities.

Low density Class

We value our students and want to give full attention to them.

Spark Imagination

Our modules can boost the kids imagination as they can realize what is in their head.

Widely Use Software

We use well-known software that has been used widely in the industry.

Fun Courses Experience

Kids will experience fun during learning!

"I want to expose my kids with tech".

Expose your kids to our creative platform to ensure they are involved with current technologies.